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Magna-Kote Electrostatic Painting

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Magna-Kote Electrostatic Painting

Magna-Kote Electrostatic Painting, located in the Sacramento area uses state-of-the-art electrostatic painting techniques to restore and paint most any metal surface to factory-like condition.  Our professional electrostatic painters will restore metal fixtures, features, or other objects.  Your metal lockers, fences or gate can be refinished and ready for use on the same day including. Wrought iron fences, metal pool fences, chain link fences, office and patio furniture, file cabinets, stairwells, can all be painted using the electrostatic painting process.


Magna-Kote's process creates a magnetic-like attraction between the metal surface and the paint, resulting in little to no over spray and a smooth even finish, even through cracks and around corners.  Not to be confused with conventional powder coating that requires ovens, our process is done on-site.  Magna-Kote uses only the highest quality urethane and enamel paints.  There is no beading or dripping. We can color match any paint color.


Need repair on your metal (or wrought iron) fence?  In most cases Magna-Kote’s electrostatic paint process can clean up any pitting or rusted areas, but should your fence need repair Magna-Kote can contract those repairs as well!


We work directly with consumers and businesses.  Magna-Kote services the Northern and Central Valley regions of California.  We work nights and weekends, painting on-site at your business or residence, without needing to move or remove furniture, with no over spray, and ready for use by morning.  We have been a trusted contractor in the paint and metal refinishing industry for over 30 years.  Give your metal a face-lift.  Give your metal a Magna-Kote!

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